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Air pollution is the world's largest single environmental health risk. UNICEF estimates that over 2 billion children are breathing toxic air.  Vehicle emissions, fossil fuel use, burning trash and dust all combine to make a dangerous chemical soup that leaves millions of people at risk for respiratory disease.  Get protected today!

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The Bioscarf helps protect you from many of the germs that cause colds and influenza and from the airborne contaminants associated with air pollution more commonly referred to as PM 2.5.

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US government testing standards for respirators are considered the toughest in the World.  That is why we decided to hire the premiere FDA approved facility to put the BIOSCARF to the test.  Nelson Labs performed the tests that they perform on masks and respirators and the Bioscarf outperformed some of the most of the popular masks on the market today with a 99.75% average filtration efficiency!

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Whether you are out for a bike ride, on your motorcycle, on the subway, on the bus or on a plane or just out and about, the Bioscarf gives you comfort and protection wherever, and whenever, you need it!

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Help us fight air pollution!

Because many of the people at risk lack the resources to protect themselves we donate Bioscarf's to people at risk around the world.  Contact us to learn more about our Plus One Program

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